How to switch off during half-term

It’s half-term and you have the week off to spend time with your family, but you can’t switch off completely because you’re worried about unread emails, office stationary orders and the team meeting you’re going to miss. If, like a lot of others you struggle to switch off during half-term then follow our below points and hopefully they’ll relieve at least some of the stress you feel.

Delegate responsibility:

Before you go on holiday make sure you leave your work in a good place; respond to all emails, delegate responsibility for all necessary tasks to another person(s) & ensure they have time to keep on top of your work.  

Keep templates:

Write down a step by step process for anyone who doesn’t normally do your tasks so they can follow it easily. Save these in a folder on your computer so you don’t need to do the same thing next time – this will save time in future.

Ditch your work phone:

If you own a work phone, leave it at home! You’re entitled to your holiday and to spend time with your family, you shouldn’t have to keep one eye on your children and another on your work emails. Everything can wait until you’re back and if you leave your work in a good place someone else should be able to deal with any issues that arise.

Let your colleagues/suppliers know:

It’s important you set the expectation for your colleagues and suppliers that you will be out of office from X date to X date so they can get in touch prior to this for anything urgent. If they leave it until you’ve gone then that is their own fault and they’ll just have to wait until you return.

Put on your out of office:

This is an easy one to forget but it’s probably the most important. You must put on your out of office so anyone who emails you understands they won’t get a reply until X date. Then, if their query is important they can call the office and talk to someone else who can help.

Most importantly…

Enjoy your time off, you deserve it 😊