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How to be ‘me’ in an interview.

  I recently came across a blog by Jeevan Balani on Glassdoor called ‘How Can I Be Authentic In Interviews?’ After positive feedback from our recent blog ‘How to deal with nerves before interviews,’ this article struck a chord with me. What happens to the confident, experienced candidate that applied for the job when they

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Are you dismissing jobs too quickly?

I read an interesting piece this week from the BBC that job adverts can often put some women off from applying for jobs. “Words matter. And the way we use them in job adverts can dictate whether or not people bother to apply. This is a big problem if you’re a business trying to recruit

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How to further your career in cyber security

  With so much of our life now online, including a huge amount of our personal information, cyber security risks are continuing to grow. Yet there is also a growing skills gap when it comes to this area of technology, with a shortage of qualified professionals in the industry. As such, professionals in the sector

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What to do after University

What to do after University? Is this a constant question in your mind? Our Director, Sue Waters gives you 4 tips on what to do next. The end is in sight and however much fun you’ve had at Uni, the world of work now looms. With all the opportunities on websites, university job boards and

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Looking for temp jobs in Gloucestershire?

  Looking for work but nothing coming up? Perhaps it’s time for a temp job in Gloucestershire? If you’re in between jobs or enjoy flexibility in your working life perhaps it’s time to consider temporary assignments. Searching on the top job boards in the UK this morning I found there were over 50,000 temporary jobs

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How to search for a job

Google ‘jobs’ in your local town and you will come up with a list as long as your arm. There are a thousand different jobs on the internet so the world is your oyster, isn’t it? Yes, there are a bewildering array of roles with as many job titles as there are opportunities. But actually,

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6 skills you need to succeed as a Developer in 2018

  A Developer is a key individual who builds and creates software and applications which are ultimately used on desktop or mobile. They’re not a programmer per se, nor are they a computer scientist. In fact, a Developer is a generalist, a master of a lot of trades, but not necessarily an expert at anyone

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How to write a standout CV

Your CV hopefully portrays an accurate, detailed and relevant insight into your work life to date. It should also demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and experience to apply for this job. This is a great starting point. However, don’t think you’re alone in applying for this job. You could potentially be competing against

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3 reasons not to wait until January to recruit new staff.

As we approach the end of the year, the recruitment industry typically slows down as businesses start to put their staffing requirements on hold until the New Year. This not only includes the hiring of new employees but also sees the delaying of interviews and in some cases offers. The whole process seems counter-intuitive to

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Benefits of agile working

Flexible or agile working used to be for the top dog’s or just the lucky ones, but the world is changing and agile working is becoming one of the more popular benefits that people are looking for when considering changing jobs. Employment law states that all employees who have worked for their employer for more

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How to show you’re a great fit for the job on your CV

                    Sometimes the job description in a job advert is too vague to allow you to accurately demonstrate why you’re a great fit for the job. It’s in moments like these that you will probably be tempted to fire off a generic CV and hope for

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