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Choosing the Right Recruitment Agency

Whether you’re a business or a job seeker, choosing the right recruitment agency is imperative. Why? They will be the ones who represent you. Recruitment agencies differ drastically and whilst it’s tempting to pick one at random, we recommend doing your research first.   What’s on offer? First things first, think about what type of

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9 Reasons to use a Recruitment Agency when Hiring

Have you ever wondered why you should use a recruitment agency? What can a recruitment agency offer you that you can’t just do yourselves? Below you’ll find the top 9 reasons to use a recruitment agency and why it is beneficial for your company, big or small. 1. Saves time One of the most desirable

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How to further your career in cyber security

  With so much of our life now online, including a huge amount of our personal information, cyber security risks are continuing to grow. Yet there is also a growing skills gap when it comes to this area of technology, with a shortage of qualified professionals in the industry. As such, professionals in the sector

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What to do after University

What to do after University? Is this a constant question in your mind? Our Director, Sue Waters gives you 4 tips on what to do next. The end is in sight and however much fun you’ve had at Uni, the world of work now looms. With all the opportunities on websites, university job boards and

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Transform your CV

Minding my own business on a Sunday afternoon I came across a handy article in The Sunday Times Style Magazine. Scarlett Curtis, a young and spirited ‘gen-Z’ columnist has given us a collection of online tools that can help our professional appearance. The one that really caught my eye was CEEV. Described as a ‘nifty

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Extra pair of hands for the end of the Tax Year?

We can help! If you’re looking for either a Credit Controller to help manage your cash flow, a Payroll Administrator to help with P11d’s and P60’s, a Statutory Reporting Accountant or an extra set of hands to get reconciliations and audit schedules up to date then look no further.  We’re able to offer you complete

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Getting to know Lee

What’s your name and what do you do? I’m Lee Curry and I’m a Senior Marketing Recruitment Specialist at GB Solutions Where were you born? I was born in Hillingdon, Middlesex and was brought up In Berkshire. We moved to Gloucestershire last year. This is where my wife’s family are from and it felt like

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Benefits of agile working

Flexible or agile working used to be for the top dog’s or just the lucky ones, but the world is changing and agile working is becoming one of the more popular benefits that people are looking for when considering changing jobs. Employment law states that all employees who have worked for their employer for more

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Holiday Hack for 2018

Have you already used up your holiday allowance for 2017 and dreaming of sunny beaches, snow-covered mountains and cold drinks in front of beautiful landmarks? You’re not alone! But don’t worry, the team at GB Solutions have discovered a great hack which will nearly double your holiday allowance for 2018. December 2017 – January 2018

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Employment at all time high

Commenting on the publication of labour market statistics by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which shows that the employment rate reached 75.3 percent in the three months to July, the highest level since records began in 1971, Recruitment & Employment Confederation chief executive Kevin Green says: “Businesses continue to hire despite economic and political uncertainty.

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The Top 4 Interview Questions to Avoid

Finding the right person to join your business can be a tricky task. Making it even harder, the interview is an opportunity for not only the business to see if the candidate is the right fit, but the candidate is sussing out if you’re right for them. We often read about quirky office layouts, excellent

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Don’t be a desperate job-seeker

We often receive calls from candidates along the lines of “I just need a job, I’ll do any kind of work!” Although it’s a sentiment to be applauded, the pitfall is that desperate energy will radiate in waves. It’s only natural to feel needy and even a touch desperate when job-hunting. It’s no fun feeling

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