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How to get a Job in PR…

💭 What is PR? PR is short for Public Relations and refers to the strategic communication from an organisation to the public, to maintain, or cultivate public image. What does a PR professional do? There are two sides to PR: positive storytelling, and damage control. PR professionals create PR strategies to develop a positive reputation

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How to Format your Graduate CV 🎓

If you are close to graduating, or already have, now is the time to get your graduate CV in order… You may have worked part-time, volunteered, completed a gap year, or took part in a placement year. Or, you may have dedicated yourself fully to your studies. No matter what your path to graduating was,

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5 Reasons why Grads should use a Recruitment Agency after University

You’re close to graduating, the question is, what next? It’s easy to think that because you have a degree you’ll automatically find work, unfortunately this isn’t the case. You aren’t only graduating with the rest of your University; you’re competing with previous grads who chose a placement year; gap year grads and grads already in

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What to do with an IT Degree

If you’ve just completed a tech-based degree, the number of career paths open to you can be overwhelming. Whether you studied computer science, game development, software engineering or something else, your skills are highly sought after by employers. In this post, we highlight some of the options for what to do with an IT degree.

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