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What to do with an IT Degree

If you’ve just completed a tech-based degree, the number of career paths open to you can be overwhelming. Whether you studied computer science, game development, software engineering or something else, your skills are highly sought after by employers. In this post, we highlight some of the options for what to do with an IT degree.

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How to Work with Grads

We’ve highlighted the benefits of hiring a graduate and given our top tips on how to attract them, now it’s time for us to advise how to work with grads! Graduates typically fall under Generation Z and young Millenials whose traits differ to workers of previous generations. In addition, their time at university has shaped

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How to Attract Graduates

You’ve read our blog post on the benefits of hiring a grad and now you want to hire them. Here we will show to how to attract graduates to your business! Contrast to popular belief, salary isn’t everything and unfortunately it won’t be the tool to secure the interest of a grad. Graduates understand that

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Time To Get Graduates

Its that time of year…Exam dates are set and revision programmes in full flow and we have a good supply of graduates ready to launch themselves onto the job market in May. We successfully place a good number of graduate candidates each year and have put together what we consider the 7 main benefits of

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How do you stand out as an elite candidate?

There is a lot of pressure on young people nowadays to attend university. Yet, with mounting debts proving to be a big barrier, the choice of institutions up by over 1000% in the last 50 years and an ever competitive job market, it’s hard to make the right choices to make you stand out as an

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7 Benefits of Hiring a Graduate

Spring and summer are the time of year many graduates emerge from the library, the lecture hall and the exam room to seek out temporary summer work, internships or embark on their first real career. They’re also a talent pool not just for now but for the future and provide an excellent return on investment.

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