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How to be ‘me’ in an interview.

  I recently came across a blog by Jeevan Balani on Glassdoor called ‘How Can I Be Authentic In Interviews?’ After positive feedback from our recent blog ‘How to deal with nerves before interviews,’ this article struck a chord with me. What happens to the confident, experienced candidate that applied for the job when they

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How to deal with nerves before an interview

We hear so much talk of ‘fit’ being the essential criteria in choosing a candidate but so often our candidates come out of an interview saying they just haven’t been ‘themselves’. Undoubtedly to get the most out of an interview, the secret lies in creating a sense of relaxation and establishing a real relationship. The

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3 reasons not to wait until January to recruit new staff.

As we approach the end of the year, the recruitment industry typically slows down as businesses start to put their staffing requirements on hold until the New Year. This not only includes the hiring of new employees but also sees the delaying of interviews and in some cases offers. The whole process seems counter-intuitive to

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Take these 5 things to every job interview if you want success

How you prepare for an interview is just as important, if not more so, than the interview itself. So do your homework in advance and take these five things to every job interview to help you on the way to success. 1. Positive attitude Your interviewer will want to know that you are not only

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The Top 4 Interview Questions to Avoid

Finding the right person to join your business can be a tricky task. Making it even harder, the interview is an opportunity for not only the business to see if the candidate is the right fit, but the candidate is sussing out if you’re right for them. We often read about quirky office layouts, excellent

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Don’t be a desperate job-seeker

We often receive calls from candidates along the lines of “I just need a job, I’ll do any kind of work!” Although it’s a sentiment to be applauded, the pitfall is that desperate energy will radiate in waves. It’s only natural to feel needy and even a touch desperate when job-hunting. It’s no fun feeling

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Top 5 Interview Questions

  Our Top 5 Questions To Ask At Your Next Interview At GB Solutions, we understand that interviews are tough. More people are now applying for roles and competition remains high in most sectors. GB Solutions have compiled our top 5 interview questions to bag that dream job. Whilst it is the employers role to determine

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8 Tips for Dealing with Interview Nerves

Sweaty palms, shaking legs, thumping heart? Even the interviewer had to go through an interview to get their job. Job hunting is not easy and can churn a lot of dread and anxiety before, during and after the interview. So how do you cope and get through the interview sweat free?   First things first,

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Want a job? Clean up your online presence

Much of what we put on our Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles is targeted at our family and friends, but do you ever consider what a prospective employer might think of your status updates?   More and more employers are looking at social media as a means of screening candidates, a study by

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How your voicemail can hinder your job prospects

Chatting on the phone is something we all do in everyday life, whether it’s with friends, family or colleagues, so you may be wondering why we’re writing about this topic? Well, much of the recruitment process is actually done over the phone. Telephone interviews Increasingly, the telephone interview is being used as the second wave

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Interview Questions: “What’s your biggest weakness?”

Got an interview in the pipeline? There’s always one question that’s very likely to crop up – ‘What’s your biggest weakness?’   It can feel like a trick question and you may be tempted to say ‘none’ and then ramble about all your strengths – DON’T. It then becomes evident that your primary weakness is

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