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3 reasons not to wait until January to recruit new staff.

As we approach the end of the year, the recruitment industry typically slows down as businesses start to put their staffing requirements on hold until the New Year. This not only includes the hiring of new employees but also sees the delaying of interviews and in some cases offers. The whole process seems counter-intuitive to

By Kim
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8 Tips for Dealing with Interview Nerves

Sweaty palms, shaking legs, thumping heart? Even the interviewer had to go through an interview to get their job. Job hunting is not easy and can churn a lot of dread and anxiety before, during and after the interview. So how do you cope and get through the interview sweat free?   First things first,

By Kim
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How your voicemail can hinder your job prospects

Chatting on the phone is something we all do in everyday life, whether it’s with friends, family or colleagues, so you may be wondering why we’re writing about this topic? Well, much of the recruitment process is actually done over the phone. Telephone interviews Increasingly, the telephone interview is being used as the second wave

By Michelle Large
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Interview Questions: “What’s your biggest weakness?”

Got an interview in the pipeline? There’s always one question that’s very likely to crop up – ‘What’s your biggest weakness?’   It can feel like a trick question and you may be tempted to say ‘none’ and then ramble about all your strengths – DON’T. It then becomes evident that your primary weakness is

By Michelle Large
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You have 7 seconds to impress at interview… Make it count!

As we all know, first impressions are extremely important, especially when going to an interview but even when simply registering with an agency – we need to have confidence in you if we are going to represent. All you have is a mere seven seconds to show the best of you when meeting someone for

By Michelle Large
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How To Prepare For a Job Interview

Job interviews – quite possibly one of the most daunting experiences known to man. Allow us to help you to prepare to ace it… Research and Prepare Although no one can predict exactly what will be asked of them in an interview, it is possible to prepare by doing some tactical research. The candidate should speak to

By Michelle Large
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