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Benefits of agile working

Flexible or agile working used to be for the top dog’s or just the lucky ones, but the world is changing and agile working is becoming one of the more popular benefits that people are looking for when considering changing jobs. Employment law states that all employees who have worked for their employer for more

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Employment at all time high

Commenting on the publication of labour market statistics by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which shows that the employment rate reached 75.3 percent in the three months to July, the highest level since records began in 1971, Recruitment & Employment Confederation chief executive Kevin Green says: “Businesses continue to hire despite economic and political uncertainty.

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How to show you’re a great fit for the job on your CV

                    Sometimes the job description in a job advert is too vague to allow you to accurately demonstrate why you’re a great fit for the job. It’s in moments like these that you will probably be tempted to fire off a generic CV and hope for

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Simple CV tweaks that will get you noticed by employers

  If you’re regularly applying for jobs you think you’re perfect for, but aren’t receiving responses, perhaps your CV isn’t standing out amongst the competition. To make sure you’re noticed by top employers, and for the right reasons (unlike this guy), here are some simple CV tweaks that will strengthen your application. Inject relevant keywords

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Top 10 LinkedIn Tips

Love it or hate it you can’t do without it! Since its launch in 2003 Linkedin has become the facebook for business life and is the go-to place for recruitment and jobsearches alike. So, why is LinkedIn so important? From a recruiters point of view LinkedIn is one of the first places recruiters start looking

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Top 5 Interview Questions

  Our Top 5 Questions To Ask At Your Next Interview At GB Solutions, we understand that interviews are tough. More people are now applying for roles and competition remains high in most sectors. GB Solutions have compiled our top 5 interview questions to bag that dream job. Whilst it is the employers role to determine

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A career in HR

If you are looking for a career in HR then you’ll know it’s all about representing the interests of the workforce. You will be managing the employer-employee relationship and aligning the right people with the organisation’s culture. The Human Resources (HR) profession encompasses a number of specialist disciplines, including: Recruitment and talent management Employment law

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Recruitment lessons from dating

The average smartphone user checks their phone 1,500 times a week. A quick flick of a button or swipe of a screen to check up on day to day life. This mobile age is forcing recruiters to re-evaluate how they target potential candidates, so they’re taking tips from dating sites like Tinder. We loved this

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Succession planning – Where is your next talent coming from?

In an ideal world, clients will identify current employees who have the talent, personality and motivation to lead the business in to the future, and then invest in their professional development. This might be formal training, mentoring and coaching as the chosen few are gradually given more responsibility to prepare them for leadership and management roles.

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Can’t meet recruiters during working hours?

It’s hard work searching for a new job, sometimes more so when you already have one. There are only so many doctor appointments and secret calls you can make before you draw suspicion from your colleagues and boss. So GB Solutions have decided to run an Open Evening for anyone looking for a new role

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How to Manage a Counter Offer

It may be surprising to some, but counter offers happen all too often in the recruitment business. You can go through weeks of advertising, shortlisting, interviews and assessments to find the perfect candidate. You offer, they accept, job done. Until they call you telling you their current company has just put forward an offer of

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Paul runs Marathon for Sue Ryder

With less than a week to go until the Cheltenham Challenge, Paul’s legs are almost ready to bear the pain of 26.2 miles thumping the ground around the Cheltenham countryside. Sunday 21st June is D-day. The longest day of the year. And it will certainly feel like it for Paul. Starting and ending at the Cheltenham

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