GB Solutions creates new talent bank

We are reading headlines in the press about rising rates of unemployment but top talent is still very much in demand. Even with attractive salaries and benefits, staff are cautious about leaving their current roles. They may prefer to stay put rather than risk a move which doesn’t work out.

Hidden Talent in our talent bank

Not all candidates are actively looking

With new cloud-based technology GB Talent Bank has become increasingly important.

It has three main benefits:

  • We have access to around 14,000 contacts in our database
  • Some candidates are actively looking, whilst others were active in the last 18 months. This is why we add and refresh candidates on a daily basis.
  • Certain candidates are hidden, who, for the right benefits, may be tempted to move. Some candidates favour flexibility over salary, others are looking for development and opportunity for personal growth.

Top Talent

Where do we find Top Talent?

We use a variety of candidate attraction tools from Linkedin Recruiter, Social Media, Job Postings and networking events to engage with our talent. Our sector specialists meet with the candidates virtually and register them with us as an agency. We prepare a profile for social media which explains roughly their salary requirements, location and travel possibilities.

You can access this talent bank via the relevant consultant who will be able to tell you more about the candidate, their skillset and what working environments and teams they will do well with.

Accessing Talent

How to access talent through GB Talent Bank

GB Solutions has been working in Gloucestershire and the South-West for over 20 years. We have worked with candidates as they join at entry level, grow with the business and become hiring managers themselves. GB Solutions are great at getting the all-important fit right. If candidates are hard to find and bring onboard it is important that they feel good in their new job and that they stay!

If you’re interested in finding out more about using gb Talent to unlock the potential your business needs please be in touch with our Managing Director, Mike Goode