Jasmine Lowes

Born and bred in Gloucestershire, our latest recruit Jasmine is a Cotswold guru and knows how to dig out the best craft ciders.

Jazz is a big animal lover and is no happier than when she’s surrounded by cats and dogs. Our dog-friendly office may have been one of the selling points to her signing on the dotted line…!

Recently discovering she has a lactose intolerance, Jazz has become a whizz in the kitchen. Rustling up a show stopping bake-off has been a great way for her to understand her new diet requirements and a great way for the office to eat her masterpieces!

Jazz has a love for the gym and goes crazy for a spin session – sometimes even doing a double session in one evening, we can’t understand how she’s not always wheelie wheelie tired!!!

Having previously worked as a Recruitment Consultant, Jasmine is perfectly placed to understand and support our business to aid in our growth. Her natural ability to plan and organise will have our business development plans sorted in no time.

She’s one in a million….!