GB Solutions is absolutely AMAZING. Defiantly the best recruitment agency in Gloucestershire. Trust me I have tried a few! Very professional service, and they are constantly getting new jobs in.

Sophia Hawkins-Brown is the most genuine person. VERY honest, straight to the point and doesn’t mess me around. I love this. I always know where I stand and it makes me feel so comfortable and at ease. I have NEVER had to chase Sophia for feedback. My calls / texts / emails are ALWAYS promptly returned, and if she is busy, she will tell me when she will next be in touch, which isn’t long.

Sophia focused on understanding who I was: what keeps me motivated, what are my needs are and what are my goals etc. This is why every role she’s allocated me has been very successful. I have worked for some amazing companies, and make friends with the loveliest people. I am new in town, so this was very important to me.

I was so lucky to be assigned to Sophia Hawkins-Brown. If you are looking for temporary or a permanent position, make sure you ask for Sophia Hawkins-Brown, she’s is clearly experienced and knows what she is doing, so trust her process and listen to any critic and advice she has for you. Behind the scenes I can guarantee that Sophia is working around the clock for you.