We're proud of the hard-work, dedication and enthusiasm for what we do, but don't just take our word for it...

Sue was a significant catalyst to help me secure a dream job – perceptive and persistent. Thank you very much!

Sophie Candidate

Good morning Joe, I’m all good to go, and excited.  Many thanks for asking.  You’re probably the best recruiter I’ve ever dealt with!

Jonathan Candidate

I signed up for temp work last summer through yourself. I found the employment process to be very smooth with you and enjoyed my time working for your client 

Jack Candidate

Georgia has been great and a big help during my job search. She understood what I was looking for in the next step of my career, was always very responsive and has helped me land a new and exciting role. Highly recommended!

Helena Candidate

Alex, I just wanted to say a huge thank you, the whole experience of dealing with yourself during the whole job searching process has made it so much easier and a lot more comfortable due to your ongoing contact with myself to keep me updated with job roles and communication from the employer.

You have found me a perfect role that suits me so well and I couldn’t be happier that I have been offered a permanent position which would not of happened if you hadn’t of put me forward for the position as a temp.

Your personal character on the phone was very professional but lighthearted which made me a lot less nervous about the whole process.

It’s been a pleasure dealing with yourself and I have recommended you and GB Solutions to some friends because of your service.

Sam Candidate

I really do appreciate the lengths you went to, to get me in with this company (particularly when you couldn’t get hold of me!).  You guys really have set the bar when it comes to recruitment.  I’ve felt valued every step of the way, and I’ve really felt like you all had my best interests at heart – I have registered with plenty of other recruitment agencies over the past few weeks, and not a single one has offered a service anywhere close to what I continually get from GB Solutions.

Give my best to Sue, Mike and Alex too – you’re all brilliant!

Roxy W Candidate

I wanted to say thank you, particularly to Joe too!  I know it is early days yet, but I am so glad I decided to take up this role, and I can’t thank you all enough for your support in getting me here.  It is a great fit so far.  Graham and the team have been wonderful, and I already feel like I’m getting into the swing of things.  This latest job hunt has really made me evaluate what is important to me, and so far this company is ticking all manner of boxes!

Roxy Candidate

A big thank you for your help and putting me forward for this role in the first place. I would definitely contact you should I need any help in the future.

Sally Candidate

Hi Lee….Thank you so much for sending me a card at my new job, that was really thoughtful!! Two weeks in and it’s going great, really enjoying my new role. Thanks again for helping me get the job!

Matt Onslow Candidate

Michelle, thank you for all your help and for being so patience at times. Once again, both yourself and Lea have been a delight. Thanks and take care.

Luke Chrimes Candidate

Lee quickly understood exactly what I was looking for and provided great opportunities right away. He was knowledgeable, really friendly, and offered sound, impartial advice. I would have no hesitation using Lee again in the future.

Taylor Williams Candidate

Lee got me the perfect job. He gave me sound advice going into the interview, checked up on me afterwards and even wished me good luck on my first day long after our working relationship was concluded. I will definitely come to him in the future.

Michael Newby Candidate