The Benefits of Hiring a Grad

If you’re looking to expand your team, fill a position or get some temporary assistance during the Summer months, graduates are the ones to hire!

Not only are they immediately available, they bring valuable skills to your business and provide a great return on investment. If you’re unsure of whether hiring a grad is the best choice for your business, we have highlighted some of their finest qualities below.


They’re affordable

One of the greatest benefits to employers is that hiring a grad is cheaper than hiring experienced workers. Their little work experience allows employers to place them at an entry level salary, thus saving money for other investments within the business.

Not only could you hire two grads for the price of one experienced worker, they come with a vast array of skills and knowledge derived from their time at university. Skills like critical thinking and tech use that experienced workers simply cannot match.


Their Knowledge is Current

Today’s graduates fall under Generation Z; an empowered generation fuelled by technology and digital media. Despite their backlash for being digital media addicts, their frequent use of technology is actually of great benefit to employers.

Growing up in a digital age has given graduates the skills to operate the latest technology without training, it’s simply second nature to them. In addition, their interest and constant contact to the media enables them to track and utilise industry trends.


They’re a blank canvas

Fresh out of university, graduates are ready to be moulded into what you need from an employee. Their years of studying at university has not only adapted their ability to absorb information quickly, it has also encouraged a thirst for knowledge and skill development.


Flexible & Available

One of the greatest advantages of hiring a grad is their flexibility and availability. Once graduates have completed their university work, they are often immediately available for employment and eager to kick-start their career. This avoids having to wait for notice periods and allows you to start the training process in advance.

Graduates also tend to have minimal commitments compared to older workers which opens them to the possibility of relocating and working longer hours.


They provide a fresh perspective

Hiring an industry expert has many benefits but they also risk falling into old habits, whereas graduates are excellent at providing a fresh perspective.

Their time at university has taught them to challenge theories and to think innovatively, enabling them to identify any overlooked weaknesses and opportunities of your business. Hiring a grad could lead you to fast growth and success from their ability to develop new ideas.


What they lack in experience, they make up in skills

A common misconception amongst employers is that all graduates lack experience but times have changed and the package of a graduate has increased drastically.

A graduate may not hold years of experience in one field but the rise in job competitiveness has encouraged them to expand their skills portfolio. Nowadays, the CV of a graduate includes work experience, study abroad, society participation and charity work. So what they may lack in industry experience, they compensate for with transferable skills.


If you’re interested in hiring a grad, contact us and we will help you find the perfect graduate for your business. Alternatively, browse our range of candidates here.