Three major changes we have seen in 2021

Like the rest of the business world, Covid has induced a period of dramatic change in the world of recruitment.

Our MD Mike Goode picks out 3 key areas:

Recruitment processes have become virtual We have placed people in jobs working for a boss they have never met, colleagues they have never met and in an office the have never visited.  Let’s just pause with that thought……This may not always be the case but a blended approach to recruitment will become the new normal. Businesses will need to refine their virtual processes and, as they nail the technology, make sure they continue to look for ways to add human touches back into their systems. Second, they will have to decide when they’ll use virtual and when they’ll use in-person, how will they optimize the candidate experience and assessments advantages of in-person yet continue to leverage the speed and efficiency of virtual. 

Employer branding- As candidates and customers look for companies to take stronger stances on social issues, recruiting leaders will increasingly focus on employer branding — and will see it in a radically new light. Instead of showcasing the company’s products, perks, and office amenities in polished marketing materials, they’ll publicize what the company is doing to support employees, customers, and communities in times of crisis.

Agile working accessing wider talent pools – Companies will move away from static jobs in siloed departments and toward project-based cross-functional work, where employees will shift to new projects as business needs change. Geographical location becomes less restrictive and applicants who might otherwise be excluded can now work.