What to do after University

What to do after University

What to do after University? Is this a constant question in your mind? Our Director, Sue Waters gives you 4 tips on what to do next.

The end is in sight and however much fun you’ve had at Uni, the world of work now looms. With all the opportunities on websites, university job boards and on social media – the question is, what to do after University?

Many students don’t imagine that recruitment consultancies like GB Solutions may be a great starting point.

Let me tell you why:

We know the clients

We have close relationships with businesses in your specialist field and know what their recruitment needs are at any one time. It may be they haven’t flagged up as they haven’t advertised a role yet, but they often know two months down the line they will be looking to hire. We know the clients – we have that information we can guide you towards hidden opportunities.

We are used to representing candidates in the most favorable light.

Don’t know how to put your CV together? We can work on it for you – prepare the profile, look at your experience and make sure its aligned with whatever the client is looking for. We can look at the length, the aesthetics, what images you include and how you put that across in the best possible light.

Interviewing – it’s been a while!

If you haven’t done any interviewing for a while your recruiter might be the best one to help you out. We interview all day every day and certainly know the tricks of the trade. From how to dress, body language and what to take with you on the day we can hold your hand through the process. If an interview requires some prep we’re there to help you out and Powerpoint is absolutely our strong point.

It’s free!

Just to avoid any misunderstanding the clients are paying us to meet you so all this advice is free of charge – what have you got to lose?

If you’re looking for a job and you don’t know where to start – look no further! Each of our five specialist divisions has their own dedicated consultant. If you’re unsure of what to do after university and would like to start your own free consultation, submit your CV and we’ll be in touch

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About The Author

Sue has recently joined the board at GB Solutions after three years working as the In-House Marketing specialist at GB. Sue Water Director GB Solutions

GB Solutions has five divisions and supports many of the UK’s leading organisations. Away from GB Solutions Sue is a keen traveler and at the weekend can be found walking the hills of Wales where she now lives.

You can connect with Sue on LinkedIn or on Twitter