What to do with a Psychology Degree

Decided that you don’t want to follow a career in psychology but wondering what to do with a psychology degree? We’re here to help you.

The skills you have gained from your degree open up many career paths for you, even if it doesn’t seem like it! Intrigued? Read on about our top 4 picks.


HR What to do with a psychology degree

Swaying away from the typical psychology related careers, HR is an option to consider. During your studies you would have developed excellent interpersonal skills, communication skills and the ability to understand others on a deeper level.

With that, a role in HR would be a perfect answer to what to do with a psychology degree as you’ll be a pro at resolving personnel issues.

What to do with a psychology degreeResearch

As you know, psychology isn’t all about monitoring human behaviour. There’s a huge element of statistics that no one prepares you for! Whether it was an enjoyable area of your degree or not, it will help you in your grad job search.

Data analysts, market researchers and other research roles are great options for you. It utilises your technical and analytical skills, and almost every industry has research teams so go take your pick!

User experience (UX) designer What to do with a psychology degree

The role of a user experience designer is as straightforward as it sounds, you plan and design user experiences. Whether it’s the layout of a store or the map of a website, your responsibility is to identify and evaluate the service delivery to customer to optimise their experience.

Wondering how this relates to your degree? Studying psychology has enabled you to understand the thoughts and actions of humans, meaning you can help businesses deliver experiences that perfectly cater to their audience.

What to do with a psychology degreeMarketing

Similar to UX design, marketing is another career path to consider. From designing advertisements to organising campaigns, you know what makes the brain tick and how to predict human behaviour. With psychology forming the foundation of marketing, this career path allows you to utilise your skills and showcase any creative flair that you may have.


Still wondering what to do with a psychology degree? Contact us for a free career consultation! We have roles in all of the above sectors but we’ll help you find the perfect career for you.