What to do with an Arts or Humanities Degree

Wondering what to do with an Arts or Humanities degree? You may be struggling to identify your career path. The trick is, there is no set career. The beauty of studying an Art or Humanities degree is that your employment opportunities are diverse and unrestricted.

Nowadays, employers are focused on the skills you have developed from your degree, rather than what you studied. A lot of job roles don’t require specific qualifications, just the ability to apply yourself to the job at hand.


To help inspire you with what to do with an Arts or Humanities degree , we’ve listed below some of the best sectors to enter based on the skills you acquired from your degree.



If you studied an Art degree such as music or fine art and are struggling to obtain a role in those exact fields, we recommend giving marketing a try.

what to do with an Arts or Humanities degree

Research and creativity are two of the top skills acquired from an arts/humanities degree, both of which are highly supportive of marketing roles.

From designing ad campaigns to conducting research, marketing allows graduates to embrace their creativity and apply their skills in jobs with higher security. The perfect option when wondering what to do with your life!



Your degree has taught you the art of communicating effectively through group reports and presentations and working with others, which are ideal for sales roleswhat to do with an Arts or Humanities degree

Sales roles often accept graduates from any background, providing they have the ability to persuade and click with other people. If you have the gift of the gab and pride yourself in your communication skills, a sales role would be perfect for you! They are available across numerous industries and often come with attractive salaries plus commission.



what to do with an Arts or Humanities degreeSpending hours in the library writing reports on critical analysis hasn’t just gained you a degree, it has opened the door to a career in journalism. Your ability to write engaging text and to challenge theories is what employers seek from journalists.

This doesn’t mean you have to join a newspaper or magazine. Most businesses need content creators for their websites, whether it’s writing product descriptions or blog posts. Journalism gives you the option to put your creativity into action!


Admin & office

what to do with an Arts or Humanities degreeLast we have admin & office roles. Don’t let them fool you however, although office jobs may sound like a creative’s nightmare, many creative roles are based in offices and require admin work to a varying degree.

We recommend finding an industry you’re interested in and seeing what roles they have available. An admin role will allow you to delve into multiple departments of the business and provide an insight into what roles might be of interest to you in the future. Businesses tend to promote internally so starting out as an administrator could lead to fast progression!




We are here to help you discover what to do with an Arts or Humanities degree. If you’re interested in any of the above fields, contact us today to speak to one of our recruitment specialists and they will be happy to help you find your perfect role. Alternatively, why not check out our vacancies here, you never know what you what find!