What to do with an IT Degree

If you’ve just completed a tech-based degree, the number of career paths open to you can be overwhelming. Whether you studied computer science, game development, software engineering or something else, your skills are highly sought after by employers. In this post, we highlight some of the options for what to do with an IT degree.


Tech support What to do with an IT degree

If you’re unsure of what to do with an IT degree, tech support is a great option. Starting off as first line support, you can work your way up the ladder in no time and apply your critical thinking skills. Easy to enter and progress, it makes the perfect career stepping stone.




What to do with your IT degreeWebsite Developer

Having IT skills makes you in big demand with businesses of all industries. Often considered as a specialism/niche skill set, your ability to work with technology opens many doors, one of which being website development. Most businesses want websites, so you can apply your creative flair and produce one. Whether you work for an agency or directly for an IT department, a web developer job is a great option.


Software Developer/ Game developer What to do with an IT degree

If you’re seeking something fun and interesting from your tech degree, become a software developer! Technology is rapidly developing, and new software is being created for the latest and greatest apps/games. Whether you end up building software for a business or a computer game, this career path will utilise your coding and technical skills to the max.


What to do with an IT degreeData analyst

Are numbers your thing? Become a data analyst! If you’re really stuck on what to do with an IT degree, data analysts are needed across all industries so pick a company or industry that interests you and get involved in managing their data. It may not be the most thrilling job but it’s a great way to kick start your career.




If you need more inspiration on what to do with an IT degree, contact our IT recruitment specialist Joe Lyons who will be able to match you to your perfect role! If we’ve inspired you already, check out our available tech jobs.