Why you should hire a Contractor

Tess,   27th August 2019

Why you should hire a Contractor

Following on from our blog last week where we discussed why you should consider a contract job we’re now looking at the other side of contract work and explaining why Employer’s should hire a contractor.

Firstly, Contractors could save you money:

You may pay more per hour for a Contractor but you won’t be paying as much as you would an employee. The reason for this is because with Contractor’s you don’t need to pay benefits etc.

Hiring a Contractor allows you to be more flexible:

Throughout the year with most businesses there are busier and quieter periods. With Contractors you can employ them when business is busy and release them when it gets quiet. You cannot do this with employee’s, they can sometimes be left twiddling their thumbs and you still must pay them.

Contractors have a specialised skill-set:

A lot of Contractors have years and years of experience in a niche area, meaning they provide a specialised set of skills that your business may require. For instance, if you are going through a period of growth you may need a Marketing Specialist to control your social media publications to showcase your new business model.

We have listed a few benefits to employing a Contractor so hopefully we’ve convinced you that Contractors are a valuable part of a work-force. If you have a contract role you’d like filling be in touch with us as we have a variety of Contractors on our books! 01452 412999 / tess@gbsolutions.co.uk