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5 Reasons Why Using a Recruitment Agency is Beneficial to Your Business

Tess,   18th February 2022

<strong>5 Reasons Why Using a Recruitment Agency is Beneficial to Your Business</strong>

Recruitment is a time-consuming process, that can cost a significant amount of money, with no guarantee you’ll find suitable candidates.

In the current climate, it’s even harder to source and hire top talent. Which is why employers should introduce a recruitment agency into their hiring strategy. Using a recruitment agency allows you to focus on your own responsibilities and relieves the stress of having to source talent yourself, which in a candidate-driven market is proving difficult.

So, what can a recruitment agency offer you, that you can’t do yourself? In this blog, you’ll find 5 of our top reasons why hiring a recruitment agency is beneficial to your business:

1. Saves You Time

A recruitment agency will have a pool of talent who are either actively seeking a new role or are open to new opportunities. It is the ones who are open to opportunities, but not active on job boards, that usually get the job. However, because these candidates aren’t actively looking, they’d be unlikely to apply directly.  

Because recruiters already have suitable candidates in their database, it means you aren’t waiting for applicants, sifting through CVs, or having to do initial interviews. On top of this recruiters will also set up interviews, provide feedback, and complete any necessary checks (references, DBS checks, etc).

2. Saves You Money 💸

‘Time is money’ and although you may think recruiters are an unnecessary cost, think again. It can take over a month to hire a new employee, and that’s if you’re lucky. And after all the work you put into advertising and hiring for the role, what happens if your candidate decides to turn down the job offer? You’re back to square one. Recruitment agencies won’t have this problem, as they have a pool of talent to fall back on.

On top of this, an advert on a single job board can cost you more than £100, with no guarantee of finding a suitable candidate. Recruitment agencies have access to several job boards, ensuring your advert reaches a bigger audience, which gives you a better chance of hiring.

3. Access to Top Talent 🔮

We’ve mentioned this above, but recruitment agencies have access to the best talent. Employers don’t have this luxury as they don’t have a CRM system that allows them to store and keep in contact with candidates.

Recruiters get to know their candidates, have in-depth conversations about their current role, what they’re looking for, and their personal circumstances. They also ensure they’re kept up to date with the latest trends and jobs via mailers and check in with them. This means that when a suitable role is available, a recruiter will already have candidates in mind.

Specialist recruitment agencies have a talent bank of professionals who aren’t actively seeking a new role but are open to opportunities. These candidates aren’t looking on your website, job boards, or LinkedIn, they’re happy in their role but would move for the right fit. As an employer, you wouldn’t have access to these types of candidates, but specialist recruiters do. This is a large selection of talent that without a recruitment agency you’d be missing out on.

4. Expert Knowledge 🤓

Recruitment agencies spend every-day sourcing and providing candidates across a range of industries. Having job and market insights, and expertise in their sector, recruiters understand what both client and candidate need. And are ideally situated to help you make the best decision for your business.

Specialist recruitment agencies have expert knowledge in the areas they recruit in. For instance, GB Solutions hire recruiters who have worked in the roles they recruit for, have academic qualifications, or have extensive recruitment experience. This helps recruiters tailor their search, knowing exactly what to look for, and what to avoid. As an employer, you may have finance experience, but you wouldn’t necessarily know what a good HR Manager looks like.  

5. Advertise Jobs the Right Way 📝

When employers advertise jobs, they tend to do so in a way that suits them. Without giving much thought to what a candidate may search/look for. For instance, you may think a fancy job title is going to work wonders, it won’t. Refusing to advertise the salary is going to reduce applications and no listed benefits aren’t going to help you stand out against competitors.

A poorly written job ad will do one of two things:

  1. No applications at all
  2. Unsuitable applications

On top of this, poor marketing of your job ad will only ensure it’s not seen, by anyone. A recruitment agency will help you craft a job ad that is specific to the role, and effective at attracting top talent. Targeting your ad isn’t as simple as it sounds. You need to consider SEO, keyword optimisation, format, and where you’re advertising.

Recruitment agencies work with various job boards, using featured and premium advertisements to guarantee your ad gets seen. Many employers don’t understand what is needed to craft a good job ad, which is why using a recruitment agency ensures your ads are written in the right way.

GB Solutions has been in operation for over 20 years, working with some of the regions leading employers, SMEs and start-up companies. We offer sector-specific experience, and source talent on a permanent, temporary, and contract basis. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build, with both our clients and candidates, ensuring we are the go-to recruiters for your business needs.

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