Why you should hire temps…

There are so many benefits to using temporary workers, read on to find out why you should hire temps.

What you need to know about hiring temps

When you hire temps through GB Solutions, we do all the hard work for you!


  • Source the candidates
  • Screen the candidates
  • Complete right to work checks
  • Put them on our payroll (and then invoice you)
  • Deal with their timesheets

We have over 20 years of experience hiring temps, working with small businesses, to large corporations, and covering a wide variety of roles, across all our 6 sectors.

What are the benefits of hiring temps?

💸 Cost effective:

Temporary workers are an interim solution, you can hire them as/when the market demands it, and there is no long-term commitment when the work slows down.

💡 Fresh perspectives:

Bringing new people into your team brings with it the chance for a fresh perspective on the way you operate and on your processes. Temps also bring new and valuable skills to your team.

🎁 Try before you buy:

This is a great option for those candidates where you aren’t 100% sure, or you feel like something is missing. You can hire them temporarily in the role, and then make the role permanent, place them somewhere else within the business, or let them go.

🤗 Engaged workers:

In our experience we have found that our temp workers are highly motivated. Many choose to temp, or temp whilst they wait for their perfect role to become available, rather than having a gap in their CV. A lot of temp workers enjoy the flexibility and work/life balance temping provides. And so by hiring temps you’re actually getting a more engaged worker/workforce.

Cover whilst you recruit:

As many of our clients have experienced, operating in a candidate driven market, whilst there is a skills shortage, makes it difficult to hire top talent. Roles at times can be live for months, and hiring managers are having to take on staff who may not 100% fit their criteria. A way to solve this problem is to hire temps. Temps can take the pressure off your hiring process, and keep things ticking over whilst you find a more suitable permanent placement.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of our temporary candidates, or have a temp role you need filling, get in touch with us today.


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