Working in tandem

When GB Solutions needed to move to a remote solution we turned to Eurolink, a Gloucesterhire business who believe in supporting businesses to work as flexibly and effectively as possible. In the current climate it is vital to create solutions which work for business is now, and can scale to meet where it needs to be in the future. This attitude let us swiftly and effectively to work together in the shift to remote working, and helped us get almost instantaneous, cost-effective and flexible set-up for GB Solutions.  

Eurolink were able to supply mobile handsets for each of the consultants, and provide a mobile ‘WiFi in a box service’ to support overseas work. This set-up enabled GB Solutions to start working remotely and from home straight away, but has ultimately supported them to make a decision to ditch their office entirely and focus on a roving business model which allows consultants to be more available to clients and candidates.  Future steps will be to introduce our hosted phone system PIPPA, which comes with plug-and-go handsets that can move location instantly, as well as a softphone option that can be used via desktop or laptop by consultants. This is a decision that may not have been made by GB Solutions pre-Covid, but is one that has really supported them to take the next step on their journey. 

Overall, the new system has supported GB Solutions to be more flexible, and has saved them a whopping 88% for their telecommunications compared to their previous supplier, dropping from £1,000 per month to just under £120 per month for the same services. The services are also more future-proof and able to flex with the company and will help GB to be whatever they need to be, with no significant additional charges or set-up time.

To find out more about Eurolink and their tech offer call 01453 700 800