How to write a personal profile for your CV

A personal profile is essentially the introduction to your CV. An insight into what you’re all about. This is your golden opportunity to promote yourself, so make sure it counts!

I often relate a personal profile to the write up on the back of a DVD. A short paragraph that gives a colourful description about the movie and why you should buy it. It often does the trick, especially with the inclusion of well-known actors. Not many of you will be able to name drop film stars but it won’t hurt to showcase some big brand names you have worked for or had dealings with.

I know I’m reading an inspiring CV when I’m won over in the opening paragraph. You should be able to tell us in a few lines who you are, your skills, strengths and why you’re relevant to the job role you are applying for. Keep it to 4-6 lines and try not to waffle as people will switch off. You know yourself better than most so you just need to tell a potential employer why you’re the right person for the job.

If you’re a modest person who struggles with this, talk to your partner, friends or family and ask them to best describe you. This is often a good way to give a true account of yourself.

There is a lot of controversy around writing your CV profile in the 1st or 3rd person. My advice is to go with what you are most comfortable with. The most important thing is for you to give a good account of yourself that makes you sound appealing and relevant to the job you are applying for.

Lastly and very importantly, make sure you triple check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Quite often when we are concentrating on the content, we can lose sight of the errors. Hiring companies will instantly decline applications with poor grammar so make sure you don’t fall at the first hurdle. Spell checking your CV is vital but I would recommend getting a friend to cast their eyes over the profile content just in case you’ve missed something.

Next week’s post will be focussed on how to add skills & achievements to your CV, stay tuned on our Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter accounts for the next instalment.

About The Author 

Paul Blower has worked in the recruitment sector for nearly 20 years and is currently a founding Director at  Paul Blower is a Director at GB Solutions, a recruitment agency in Gloucestershire. Paul stands in front of a tree smiling wearing a blue suit

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